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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time


Auction #30 Item # 67


Palestine Postal History - Jerusalem to Czechoslovakia b/w postcard with view of Jerusalem, franked 3mil tied by the rare railway postmark  "Jerusalem Jaffa T.P.O"  (superb strike) dated September 30 1934 Dorfman catalog type 6.  This is new late date for the usage of this postmark. Dorfman Catalog late recorded date is April 12 1934. Card with middle verticle light wrinkle & few small spots light toned, Otherwise VF & Rare.

Auction #30 Item # 66


Palestine Postal History - Picture Post card with B/W view of the dead sea mailed from Jerusalem to Beyrouth, franked 4mil Jerusalem I of the 1st setting with Oraphan B variety (PalestinB), tied by the rare postmark of  Meo Sheorim Jeslm (Glassman type J3) with the latest date recorded of September 7 1920. VF.

Auction #30 Item # 18A


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Jerusalem to Swtizerland, franked 20 Para tied by  "Jerusalem 9"  postmark dated 7.11.1915 alongside Jerusalem Moon/Star military censor collins type CM5. This is a new known early date for this censor (7.11.1915). Collins earliest recorded date is 10.12.1915. Card with light toning & light corner crease, otherwise F-VF & scarce.

Auction #30 Item # 19


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post scarce destination - Color view card of Beth Lehem mailed from Jerusalem to Danmark. (From Lloyd Hotel with the hotel cachet at left side) Franked 20 Para tied by Double ring p/m dated March 16 1899 alongside Galata Turkey transit p/m March 22 & Danmark ar/pm March 26 1899. VF.

Auction #30 Item # 16


Palestine Forerunners German Post - Jerusalem first day postmark of post office opening March 1 1900 on commmercial 20 Para stationery postcard mailed to Germany with German arrival postmark on front dated March 9 1900. VF & Rare.

Auction #30 Item # 14


Palestine Forerunners French Post RARE DESTINATION  Jerusalem to Sale Victoria Australia - Franked pair of 5c tied by Jerusalem double ring postmark of December 9 1907 alongside postmarks of Port Said Egypt December 11 & Colombo Cylon (Sri Lanka today) December 23 1907. back side  b/w views of Beth Lehem and with 30 word message in French. VF

Auction #30 Item # 13


Palestine Forerunners French Post - Jerusalem to Belgium franked 10c tied By Jerusalem double ring p/m May 10 1901 alongside transit postmarks of Jaffa May 11, Port Said Egypt May 12, & Brussels Belgium arrival p/m dated May 18.  Great showpiece showing the complete routing with all the possible postmarks. card with one wrinkle & small margin tear at bottom left, otherwise VF.

Auction #30 Item # 7


Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post RARE DESTINATION- Jerusalem to Tranquebar east India, franked 20 Para tied by Jerusalem double ring p/m 16.1.1899 alongside seapost transit p/m  Jan.30 & Tranquebar arrival p/m Febuary 7. Hand written notation on top "via Suez". Back side with b/w view of Jerusalem Mosque with 21 word date message. This is the only known postcard to be mailed from the Holy Land during the Turkish Ottoman Empire era to Tranquebar east India (Shore town bay of Bengal). VF showpiece.

Auction #30 Item # 5


Palestine Forerunners Austrian post - Most unusual view card of Damas  mailed from Jerusalem 27.3.1899 to Brousse Turkey with usage of  20para Turkish stamp instead of Austrian stamp.  Brousse arrival postmark on front dated April 1 1899. VF & scarce.


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