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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time


Auction # 32 Item # 16A


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post  Jericho to Sweden - Pair of 20 Para tied by the scarce Blue postmarks dated 1903 alongside Jerusalem transit p/m on UPU type postcard with view of the dead sea and 37 word message. Card with some toning on top,mostly F-VF.

Auction # 32 Item # 11


Palestine Forerunners Russian Post - Jerusalem to Switzerland Russian UPU type paostcard franked with imprinted 4k overprinted 20 Para tied by VF strikes dated September 3 1903 (this scarce as most of the Jeruslam Russian Po postmarks are unclear) with Swiss ar/pm of October 2 1903. Long German written message on back. F-VF.

Auction # 32 Item # 6A


Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post scarce destination - Picture postcard mailed from Jerusalem to Athens Greece, franked 20 Para tied by Jerusalem p/m dated 25.8.1910 alongside Egyptian and Greek transit and arrival postmarks, Card with some toning. F-VF.

Auction # 32 Item # 3A


Palestine Forerunners Judaica Austrian Post - November 12 1909 postcard mailed by Rabbi Moses Reinitz of Jerusalem to Wein Austria. Long German written message on back, fully sign at bottom by the Rabbi. One middle horizontal crease and 2 small corner folds, otherwise in fine condition and scarce.

Auction # 32 Item # 25


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post rare Destination Jerusalem to Auckland New Zealand - March 29 1914 "Jerusalem 6" postmark tied to 20 Para stamp alongside April 1 1914 Port Said Egyptian postmark. Long written message on back (English text). VF.

Auction # 32 Item # 22


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - view card of Jaffa and Camels, mailed from the small Arab village of Medjdil (Near Ashqelon) to Germany. Card franked 20 Para Turkish stamp tied by the very rare Negative seal (Collins Catalog number PM1) with arrival postmark of Munichen dated 22 Feb. 1903. Arabic message translate to: I would love to send you my greeting and ask about you, and prey to God you are in the best of health and will always safe..(sign)Eugene Neef. Card in F-VF condition.  Collins Catalog valuate this postmark on mailed item from $ 5000.00 to $ 10.000.

Auction # 32 Item # 20


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Jerusalem to Swtizerland, franked 20 Para tied by  "Jerusalem 5"  postmark dated 7.11.1915 alongside Jerusalem Moon/Star military censor collins type CM5. This is a new known early date for this censor (7.11.1915). Collins earliest recorded date is 10.12.1915. Card with light toning & light corner crease, otherwise F-VF & scarce.


Auction # 32 Item # 14


Palestine Forerunners French Post - Jerusalem to Italy UPU picture postcard, franked 5c stamp tied by Double ring p/m 3.10.1901 alongside Egyptian and Italian transit and arrival postmarks 9.10.1901 and 17.10.1901. Card with light toning, otherwise F-VF.


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