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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time


Auction #34 Item # 29


Palestine Postal History - Scarce large type 13mil registered stationery Hochheicer Catalog type RE3 mailed December 10 1931 from Jerusalem to Finland. Cover uprated with 27mil of Pictorials stamps. Haifa transit p/m on back 10.12.1931 alongside Helsinki Finland arrival p/m dated 21.12.1931.  2 folds horizontal and vertical, otherwise F-VF.

Auction #34 Item # 27


Palestine Postal History - June 3 1939  Postage due cover from England to Palestine, short paid & taxed in Tel Aviv with 6mil due stamp of the 3rd issue tied by Tel Aviv Allenby Road large type single circle p/m June 7 1939 , additional Allenby Road smaller version p/m on back dated the same. F-VF

Auction #34 Item # 26


Palestine Postal History - Rare mix franking of London II & Pictorial stamps on Registered cover from Jerusalem to Germany. Stamps tied by oval postmarks 20 July 1927 repeated once on back alongside German arrival postmark of July 26 1927.Some small spots toning, F-VF.

Auction #34 Item # 17


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - June 21 1916 multi franked registered and censored cover mailed from Jerusalem to Germany. Multi franking of 2para x5, 6para x 2, 10para x 2,  20para (under bottom of flap) x1, 5para x4, 4para x2. Registered cachet collins type RC5. Arrival postmark on back 19.7.1916. F-VF.

Auction #34 Item # 16


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post  RARE DESTINATION - Tiberias to Bombay India.  Franked 1 Piastre tied by Collins catalog type PM4 postmark dated  2.5.1912. Port Said Egypt transit p/m on back 7.5.1912 alongside Bombay India arrival p/m 12 May 1912. Few wrinkles and small points toning, otherwise F-VF seldom seen destination.

Auction #34 Item # 14


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Caiffa (Haifa) to Austria, cover franked pair of 20 para definitive stamps plus 10 Para single, all tied by superb strikes octagon type postmarks of Caiffa 1 dated 14.9.1918.  Caiffa moon type Turkish censor on front (Collins type CM3). VF & scarce.

Auction #34 Item # 13


Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Jerusalem to Switzerland 1917 registered cover franked 2 Piastre plus 20 Para tied by very clear Bilingual MEO CHAREM postmark dated July 3 1917 alongside framed registration cachet Collins type RC4 plus framed all Arabic Istanbul  box censor on front & Red round paper military censor on back alongside Turkish transit & Swiss arrival postmarks dated August 2 1917 & September 20 1917.


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