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Doron Waide Auction #32 July 16 2017 2pm USA eastern time


Auction #33 Item # 145


Israel 1948 Interim - Kfar Sirkin registered # 0702 cover mailed to Haifa. Mix franking of Mandate & Minhelet Ha'am stamps for the correct rate of 25mil, tied by M.Ha'am postmark repeated on back alongside Israeli Tri-lingo arrival postmark of May 17 1948. VF & rare as only 7 registered covers known to be mailed from Kfar Sirkin. Bale CV $ 1500.00

Auction #33 Item # 142


Israel 1948 Interim - Haifa commercial registered printed matter cover mailed local, franked 20mil Diaspora stamps tied by Minhelet Ha'am postmark repeated on back along side Mandate type arrival postmark 12 May 1948, back flap unsealed as required for printed matter. Some toning around perforatoons, otherwise F-VF

Auction #33 Item # 141


. Israel 1948 Interim - Givat Hayim reg. # 0307 (Highest number known), cover to Haifa franked 32 mil for double weight. Mixed franking Minhelet Ha'am and Mandate stamps all tied by Minhelet Ha'am postmarks repeated on back alongside Haifa Mandate type arrival p/m 13 May 1948. Few hinge marks on back corners. VF & Very rare as only 7 registered covers known to be mailed from Givat Hayim. Bale CV $ 2500.00

Auction #33 Item # 140


Israel 1948 Interim - Gedera reg. cover number 0554 to Tel Aviv, franked 25mil tied by Minhelet Ha'am postmarks. Rehovot Minhelet Ha'am transit p/m on back alongside Tel Aviv Mandate type ar/pm May 16 1948. VF. According to the Flori catalog only Est. 20 registered letter sent during the Interim period. Bale CV $ 950.00

Auction #33 Item # 138


. Israel 1948 Interim  Bnei Beraq - 2 period reg. cover # 3258 (the highest number known according to the Flori catalog) mailed to Tel Aviv. Franked 25mil tied by Minhelet ha'am postmarks, Israeli tri-lingo arrival p/m on back 16.5.1948. VF

Auction #33 Item # 137


Israel 1948 Interim - Alonim Registered # 0500 (New lowest number) properly franked 25mils, tied by Minhelet ha'am postmarks repeated on back. Haifa 12 May 1948 Mandate Type arrival p/m on back. VF & rare. Only 10 registered covers mail from Alonim.

Auction #33 Item # 136


Israel 1948 Interim - Affula to Haifa commercial cover registered # 0113 franked 25mil all stamps with scarce Haifa overprints all tied by Minhelet Ha'am p/ms repeated on back alongside 2 different Haifa Mandate type arrival postmarks dated May 14 1948 last day of Minhelet Ha'am. Vf & scarce. Bale CV $ 300.00


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