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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time


Auction #34 Item # 48


Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am -  Jerusalem local multi franked registered cover tied by May 16 1948 postmarks repeated once on back. 10mil right stamp with lake variety.  One middle light vertical fold. F-VF.

Auction #34 Item # 44


Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am - commercial cover mailed from Jerusalem to Rehovot, franked 10mil Palestine Mandate stamp tied by rosette postmark. The rosette postmark was in used only for 2 days on Mandate stamps as first day for this type p/m was May 13 and May 14 for the last day of usage for mandate stamps. F-VF and scarce.

Auction #34 Item # 43


Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am - Cover sent from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Franked 10mil map stamp, postmarked in Tel Aviv June 30 1948. Shortened at left side, otherwise F-VF and scarce. Tsachor pencil hand notation on front : Airmail ! By Piper (small plane) to Tel Aviv.

Auction #34 Item # 38


Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am - Registered & Express cover mailed from Hertsliya to Tel Aviv, franked 65mils (correct rate), Tied by Minhelet ha'am P/Ms alongside Mandate P/M of May 6.  Hertsliya postmarks repearted twice on back alongside Tel Aviv Mandate type arrival postmark of May 6 1948. F-VF.

Auction #34 Item # 36


 Israel 1948 Interim Minhelet Ha'am - Bnei Beraq  2 period reg. cover # 3258 (according to the Flori catalog the highest number known) mailed to Tel Aviv. Franked 25mil tied by Minhelet ha'am postmarks, Israeli tri-lingo arrival p/m on back 16.5.1948. VF.


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