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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time


Doron waide auction #28 Item # 96


Palestine Postal History - Cover mailed from Haifa to Budapest Hungary. Franked 5mil x2 London II issue plus x3  1mil revenue stamps overprinted OPDA 1m-m EEF stamps for total of 13mil correct letter rate. It was against regulations to use revenue stamps as postage, but this cover passed undetected in the mail system. Stamps tied by Haifa postmarks dated July 13 1927 & with Budapest Hungary arrival postmark on back dated July 20 1947. VF RARE POSTAL HISTORY ITEM !!! 

Doron waide auction #28 Item # 91


Palestine Postal History - One of Palestine rarest military postmarks FPO SZ57 dated December 12 1918  tied to 1pi EEF stamp on cover mailed to Alexandria Egypt with part arrival postmark on back. Palestine military censor #2 handstamped on front. This cover without flap & missing small part on back near arrival postmark, 2 horizontal folds (away from stamp) & some toning, otherwise F-VF & very rare.


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