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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time


Auction #33 Item # 268


Israel Postal History - Larger size commercial registered air mail cover from Tel Aviv to Braunschweig Germany 29.1.1950 with arrival p/m on back 31.1.1950. Beautiful 4 different issue franking (Doar Ivri, Flag, 1949 new year and 1949 2nd coins) for total of 185pr  quad x4 weight rate. 25pr for registeration charge and 40pr x4. VF with small marginal faults.

Auction #33 Item # 267


Israel Postal History - Larger size airmail registered cover (198mm x 152mm) mailed from Jerusalem to Switzerland. Franked total of 145pr incl. 1st airmails 30pr, 100pr plus 2nd coin 15pr stamp. Rate translate to 25pr for registration plus 40pr for each 10 grams (triple rate). Stamps tied by Jerusalem p/ms 18.12.1950, Swiss arrival p/m on back 21.12.1950. Cover open on top & left margin, one vertical middle fold, otherwise VF

Auction #33 Item # 264


Israel Postal History - Larger size registered air mailed cover from Haifa to Fulda Germany. Franked 50mil Doar Ivri tab plus 4 flag stamps tied by 24.4.1949 P/Ms , total of 130pr at triple rate (25mil for registeration and x3 weights at 35pr per 10 grams). Arrival p/m on back 29.4.1949. VF

Auction #33 Item # 262


 Israel Postal History -  registered air mailed cover from Jerusalem via Haifa to Fulda Germany. Franked total of 90mil Doar Ivri stamps  tied by 16.2.1949 P/Ms. Cover censored in Haifa where military censor label added at left and small strip on top with Hebrew notation " Censor Haifa". Haifa P/Ms dated 18.2.1949 on back above & below censor label  alongside Fulda Germany arrival p/m of  21.2.1949. VF.

Auction #33 Item # 261


Israel Postal History - 5.10.1949 triple rate airmail registered cover from Jerusalem to the USA. Franked total of 235pr (25pr for registration & 70prx3 weight) U.S transit & arrival p/ms on back October 13,14, 1949. Israeli military Red censor tape at left. VF.

Auction #33 Item # 260


Israel Postal History - Rehovot to Lausanne Switzerland, long size commercial airmail cover franked 5mil strip of 8 tabbed stamps (Total of 40mil correct rate). Tied by P/Ms dated 11.12.1949. Red military censor label at left. Cover with 2 light vertical folds at left near censor label and in perforations between 4th and 5th stamps from right, otherwise VF and scarce.

Auction #33 Item # 259


Israel Postal History - 19.8.1949 Air mail commercial cover from Haifa Oil Industry Co. to the USA. Franked 70mil (correct rate) incl. 10mil single and 20mil x3 tabbed stamps. Cover with one vertical fold at left and one tear on back flap,light toned on right tabbed stamp perf. otherwise F-VF scarce multi tabbed franking.


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