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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time


Auction #34 Item # 178


Israel Postal History - 2.1.1949 registered cover from Tel Aviv to Kfar Sava with arrival postmark on back 3.1.1949. Beautiful franking of 5mil holiday stamps in format of 4 tete beche pairs plate block with horizontal gutters between. VF.

Auction #34 Item # 177


Israel Postal History - 7.10.1948 registered cover from Tel Aviv to Tel Mond with arrival postmark on back 11.10.1948. Beautiful franking of 5mil holiday stamps in format of 4 tete beche pairs with horizontal gutters between. VF.

Auction #34 Item # 175


Israel Postal History - 13.12.1948 large size cover sent from Nazereth to the USA via surface mail. franked total of 20mil Doar Ivri stamps. Military censor tapes at left. One tear on top margin (away from stamps), few folds.F-VF.

Auction #34 Item # 173


Israel Postal History - July 11 1948 registered airmail cover from Tel Aviv to the USA, properly franked 80mil ( 65mil latter rate plus 15mil for registration), franking includes 4x20mil all with perforations 10x11 Incl. vertical pair with tab type 2 at bottom. Stamps tied by Mandate p/ms. New York transit & arrival P/Ms on back July 23 & July 24 1948. Cover open rough at right margin & restored. Right upper stamp with small fault, oterwise F-VF. Very scarce to find a 10x11 tab on mailed cover.

Auction #34 Item # 171


Israel Postal History - 19.5.1948 News paper wrapper mailed from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, franked 3mil Doar Ivri tabbed stamp perf. 10x11 (with Jambo margins) alongside Patriotic cachet "Sign for the national bonds". VF with piece of tape on top front and back.

Auction #34 Item # 170


Israel Postal History diplomatic mail via air pouch - 2 covers mailed from the American vice consul in Palestine/Israel Ben Franklin Brannon. 1st cover mailed during Palestine Mandate short time before Israel independence March 23 1948, 2nd cover frank 70mil Doar Ivri stamps mailed January 7 1949, F-VF scarce pair. Both cover sign by by the consul.


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