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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Doron waide auction #28 Sunday May 25 2014 3pm USA Eastern time

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Judaica, Holocaust, Anti Semitic, Autographs & related material
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Judaica Holocaust - 1888 German Anti Semitic news paper, 12 pages folded with normal wear, also included 1895  2 page news paper with Anti Semitic articles. F- VF & Rare.

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Start price 65,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust - 1943 Nazi documents plus Anti Semitic one large page news paper and cover with letter. F-VF interesting valuable lot.

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Start price 100,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust - Germany Austria ,April to June 1945   47 large documents of food distribution for residents or survivors of camps. Required research. F-VF & interesting.

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Start price 150,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust - Der Weg Des Juden - Austrian anti semitic  booklet with 12 inner illustrated pages. Small teat on back cover, otherwise VF & scarce.

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Start price 30,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust - March 24 1938 Berlin, Adolf Hitler & Von Brauchitsch (German field marshall commander of the army in the early years of WW2) signatures on official document with embossed eagle & Swastika. This document issued to Dr. Krohn (military officer doctor) - release from active duty.. There is  63mm tear on right margin just below Von Brauchitsch signature & one very light horizontal wrinkle just above Hitler signature, otherwise VF & rare duel signatures on single document.

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Start price 750,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust related - October 14 1930 , official large letter sign by field Marshall Paul Von Hindenberg president of Germany 1925 to 1934. In this letter Hindenberg thank a person for reminding him of his birthday. There is one horizontal fold in middle below the signature, otherwise VF

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Judaica Holocaust - 1930s to early 1940s 4 cards ( 210mm x 162mm each) with Anti Semitic cut outs from original news papers or magazines paste on. VF & scarce.

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Start price 50,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust  " Juden and the III Reich  " - Mid. 1940s exhibit pages in special hard cover album. 26 large pages made out from thich paper (338mm x 245mm each.) Pages paste with anti semitic or comic Nazi cut outs from German or Austrian news papers issued between 1930s to 1945. Very interesting possible unique exhibit. Some pages with German or Austrian stamps or c/o from covers tied by postmarks or cachet dated 1930s to 1940s. VF & very RARE. (only few example pages shown in scans). VF & RARE.

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Start price 400,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust anti semitic related - Early 1940s large German Nazi magazine published in Berlin. 48 pages with many war pictures & articles. F-VF 

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Judaica Holocaust - Concentration camps, Ghetto & mail system under the Nazi Regime booklet, issued 1966 by the Judaica Historical Society. Soft cover, English Text. 28 pages with photos & text. Front cover with discoloration, otherwise VF

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Start price 15,00 USD


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