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Judaica, Holocaust, Anti Semitic, Autographs & related material

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Judaica Holocaust ORIGINAL Important documents  report  by the order of Klaus Barbie The Butcher of Lyon, S.S and Gestapo member who was known to personally tortured French prisoners and Jews while stationed in Lyon France from the end of 1942 to 1944. This 2 page document (French text)  where the Subject is:  The Jewish Committee  Generale union of the israeliens of France Lyons, notes of detention and imprisonment of 86 Jews.  The documents described the arrest of 86 Jews in saint Catherine no. 12 street of Lyons on February 9 1943. The Jews helped themselves and other people who wanted to escape to Swiss by illegal passage. (the raid ordered by Barbie). All detainees arrested & were searched and some forged documents found. The 86 arrested Jews where transferred to concentration camp. (Years later investigation concludes that the 86  Jews transferred to Aushwitz).This report typed at bottom right - By the order of Barbie Premier Liteutenant S.S. The document with handstamps in French "Confidential". Included with this document is original large folder made out of very thick brownish paper with typed label on top  tied by handstamp. F-VF important historical holocaust document.


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