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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Doron Waide Auction #27 August 25 2013 3pm USA eastern time

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Israel regular Issues 1949 to date - Stamps, Errors, FDCs, & related items
Lot number Symbol Description

Israel Sheet - Sc#31-32 in tete beche format. MNH folded once vertically in center perforations plus few wrinkles & perf separations in margins. CV $ 700.00

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Start price 250,00 USD

Israel sheets - Sc#35-36. MNH, each sheet with few light wrinkles & previously folded once in middle perforations. CV $ 900.00

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Start price 250,00 USD

Israel Sheet - Sc#25 Negev camel, MNH with perforation separations once in margin & 1 stamp. Previously folded in center perforations. CV $ 1800.00

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Start price 700,00 USD

Israel sheet - Sc#23 MNH previously folded once in perforations plus one marginal wrinkle. CV $ 150.00

Auction has finished.
Start price 60,00 USD

Israel sheet - Sc#44,  MNH with previously folded perforations once in center plus marginal wrinkle. Cv $ 180.00

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Start price 50,00 USD

Israel Sheets - Sc#133-136B 12 tribes complete set of 7 without watermarks. 40pr marginal perf. separation, small brownish spot on margin and wrinkles on few stamps, also previously folded in one row of perforations. CV $ 600.00

Auction has finished.
Start price 150,00 USD

Israel Sheets - Mega collection of est. 1000 sheets 1950s to 1970s, some early sheets with duplication showing perforations varieties in margins. This collection start with Sc#51x2, 52-54,62-64,65,66-69,73x2,74-79,84,87x3,88-93,94-95 x2 each,96-99,100,117,J12-20,C7-8,C9x4,C10-15 with few extras of some values, C17,C18-27 (few with different date of printing), C28-37, many more (very light duplication est.30). Sheets stored in 7 large albums. To international bidders this lot will be mailed without albums. MNH lot.

Auction has finished.
Start price 1.500,00 USD

Israel 1950s to 1970s collection in 75 hard covers binders - Tabs, plate blocks FDCs & event covers. Thousands of items all on display pages. Due to weight this lot will be mailed to USA bidders only.

Auction has finished.
Start price 1.000,00 USD


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