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Doron Waide Auction #27 August 25 2013 3pm USA eastern time Item # 369

Lot#: 369
Israel 1948 Hagana Military Covers

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Israel 1948 Hagana Military - Haifa operation Passover Official folded letter sent from Haifa commander to Commander of unit 3 ( letter marked " SECRET") , ordering the commander for a emergency meeting regarding preparations for operation "passover". This folded document sent reg. by messenger on April 18 1948 with sending & arrival marking on front & back. Operation passover :The battle of Haifa, called by the Jewish forces Operation Passover Bi'ur Hametz (passover cleaning) was a Haganah operation carried out on 21–22 April 1948. The objective of the operation was the capture of the Arab neighborhoods of Haifa and was a major event in the final stages of the civil war in Palestine, leading up to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. F-VF war of Independence historic document.


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