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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #33

Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am
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Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem to Holland June 24 1948 "Egg" type provisional postmark tied to 35mil local stamps (correct rate). Cover with vertical centerfold away from stamp & postmark, tiny toned on top of 10mil stamp. VF scarce mail abroad. 

150,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem to the USA. Commercial cover franked 65mil Doar Ivri stamps tied by "Egg" provisional postmarks dated June 28 1949. Flap with one tear and small piece missing from top left corner, otherwise VF & scarce usage for this postmark to abroad.

100,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem Doar Ivri double page stationery with 5mil Doar Ivri tab block tied by June 22 1948 "Liberation" provisional postmark (2nd day for this p/m), sign and dated A. Cohen. F-VF with few folds (away from stamps). Expertized by Muentz and with his micro handstamp just below the stamps.

50,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem siege locally mailed cover.  "Rosette" type postmark tied to first issue pair of 5mils map stamps (correct rate). Stamps Imperforate 3 times horizontally(top,middle,bottom). VF & scarce.

60,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem to Tel Aviv 2nd convoy cover, properly frank 25mil map stamp od the 2nd issue. Registered label Jerusalem 18 #0959. Stamp tied by 16.5.1948 commemorative postmark which seldom seen on commercial convoy covers. Tel Aviv Israeli tri-lingo full strike postmark June 21 1948 (for 2nd convoy) on back. VF.

75,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem 2nd convoy registered cover to Tel Aviv, franked 25mils map stamps with complete Tel Aviv arrival postmark on back 21.6.1948. F-VF with one mid. vertical fold.

30,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem to Haifa 1st convoy registered cover, frank 25mil map stamp, Reg. label of Jerusalem 1 # 4636.  Haifa complete arrival postmark on back  June 18 1948. VF.

40,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem to Tel Aviv 1st convoy cover, frank 25mil map stamp tied with one line dated handstamp 11 May 1948. Registered label Jerusalem 1 # 3005 along patriotic box handstamp at bottom left " Sign for National bonds". Tel Aviv complete arrival postmark on back. June 18 1948. VF with one mid. vertical fold.

40,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, cover franked 10mil map stamp tied by Jerusalem 4 postmark dated July 5 1948 (2nd day of use of this postmark). F-VF with some toning on stamp perforations.  1985 Muentz photo certificate.

40,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Jerusalem registered cover mailed locally, frank 25mils map stamps. reg. label Jerusalem 6 # 3292. VF

30,00 USD


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