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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #33

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Palestine Forerunners
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Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - 1896 Registered cover from Jaffa to Nice France, franked pair of 1 Piastre (total of 2pi correct rate for reg. letter) tied by Collins type PM8 Double circle postmark dated 1 June 1896 alongside framed "Recommandee"  registration cachet Collins type RC2. This is newly discovered early date for the RC2 cachet. Collins list the earliest known date for the RC2 cachet as 29.11.1901 (Page 103). THIS COVER IS ALMOST 5 YEARS EARLIER !!! Also.. only 4 other registered covers known to be mailed with RC2.  Back side showing Italian transit postmarks of June 9,10  1896. Nice France arrival postmark on front dated June 11 1896. Cover is in VF condition, expertise penciled signature Nakri & with his 2015 certificate. Top rarity newly discovered showpiece.

750,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post  Jericho to Sweden - Pair of 20 Para tied by the scarce Blue postmarks dated 1903 alongside Jerusalem transit p/m on UPU type postcard with view of the dead sea and 37 word message. Card with some toning on top,mostly F-VF.

40,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Cover mailed from Caifa to Zurich Swtzerland, franked total of 50 Para, tied by Caifa 1 postmark dated 5.9.1917 alongside Turkish box censor. Additional Turkish Moon/Star censor handstamp on back with Swiss arrival postmark dated 22.1.1918. Most unusual over 3 month voyage. Cover with one middle vertical fold. F-VF.

60,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Jerusalem to Swtizerland, franked 20 Para tied by  "Jerusalem 5"  postmark dated 7.11.1915 alongside Jerusalem Moon/Star military censor collins type CM5. This is a new known early date for this censor (7.11.1915). Collins earliest recorded date is 10.12.1915. Card with light toning & light corner crease, otherwise F-VF.

50,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post scarce destination - 1 Piastre stationery cover mailed to Lima Peru South America with superb strike p/m of Jerusalem 5  dated 6.12.1913. No other postal markings on back. One mid. vertical fold otherwise VF.

75,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners 6 postcards - 1893 to 1910 German, Turkish and Austrian P.Os mailed to Italy, USA, Bavaria & Germany plus 1909 incoming postcard from Russia with Jerusalem Russian Po arrival postmark. F-VF.

60,00 USD

Palestine Forerunner Turkish Post - Postal ledger page of records of 5 registered letters from the town of Beer Sheba with x8  1 Piastre stamps tied by the scarce ALL ARABIC "Beer Sheba 2"  postmarks dated  1917.  This ledger page is in very good condition.

75,00 USD


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