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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #33

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Late Arrivals and Collections
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JNF KKL (Jewish national Fund) - Collection of  29 different pins, few hundreds of MNH labels and 35 booklet panes. MNH & VF.

150,00 USD

Israel Stamp tab collection  1949 to 2003 -  3  Leuchtturm Hingless tabs Albums with MNH stamps. Many better items such as Sc# 17-22, (also tete beche with and without gutters), #15 and 27 with left and right tabs, # 24, 31-32 (also tete beche), #37,#25,#48-50,#237A (hunger tete beche sheet), J6-11. This collection is Est. 95% complete. Some of the earlier values with light wrinkles. 

250,00 USD

KKL JNF Jewish National Fund - 3 different MNH sheets issued 2003 & 2004  1) Neomi Shemer (Israeli song writer) sheet of 15 stamps. 2) Neomi Shemer tete beche sheet of 20 stamps. 3) Ilan Rimon tete beche beche sheet of 20 stamps.Ramon was the space shuttle payload specialist of STS-107, the fatal mission of Columbia, in which he and six other crew members were killed in the re-entry accident.

25,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Nahariya souvenir sheet proof printed in black on ungummed soft light brownish paper with blanks boxes & 3 values written in pencil. VF & rare. 1975 martin Marco certificate & with his penciled signature on reverse side of sheet.

100,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim - Nahariya proof for emergency post sheet. This proof is on gummed paper pasted on thicker paper size 140mm x 95mm, right side is blank & left side with 8 stamps double print of 50mil Green. One vertical fold at right side (away from stamps). ,otherwise VF & rare.

150,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#1  3mil double perforations in single, pairs, block, tabs. MNH & Used. Small spot gum toning on one pair. F-VF.

75,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#1  3mil marginal block of 4 stamps perforation 10 horizontally & imperforate vertically. This block originate from sheet serial # 5887 from the rouletted perf. group & was printed in very pale yellow color. MNH with small points gum toning. VF & rare.

300,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#1  3mil block of 4 stamps plus part of another stamp at bottom left perforations 10 horizontally at top right, middle & bottom, also perf. 10 vertically at right & left. Mint never hinged with scissor 10mil cut vertically between stamps on top & few tiny blackish points on gum, otherwise VF & very rare. Exit Haskey collection.

350,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#2  5mil Double perforations in singles,pairs & block. Mint never hinged & mint hinged. VF.

75,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#2  5mil block of 4 stamps, imperforate between stamps vertically & horizontally & at right. MNH with gum disturbance, otherwise VF & scarce.

100,00 USD


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