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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #33 Item # 415

Lot#: 415
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Israel 1952 Military Historical album with signatures of 26 high ranking officers of the Israeli Army passing a course in 1952. Each officer with his name, army serial number, rank, his army duty and a signature. Some rise in ranks later on during their's military careers to Generals.  Colonel Haim Bar Lev commander of training base 2, Lieutenant Colonel David Elazar head military instructor (Both later on Generals army chiefs of staff),Colonel  Avraham Yafe instructor, Colonel Pre Har Yehuda instructor, Colonel Wallach Yehuda instructor, Lieutenant Colonel Shorer Ephraim instructor (not sign), Colonel Ben Gal Michael deputy head military of Hagah, Colonel Baruch Nachamya commander of division 2(not sign), Colonel Shaam Mishael commander of division 16, Colonel Tramer Joseph commander of division 11(not sign), Colonel Meser Oded commander of the Negev area, Colonel Horwitz Tzvi commander of division 8, Lieutenant Colonel Ben Barak Itamar deputy commander of division 3, Lieutenant Colonel Golan Nachum reserve forces, General Maza Shimon commander of military manpower, Colonel Barnea Israel commander of military transportation, Colonel Nezer Moshe commander of the paramilitary defense forces, Colonel Goroditzki Shmuel commander of division 7, Lieutenant Colonel Barzili Aviv, Lieutenant Colonel Goren Moshe deputy commander division 3, Colonel Admon Shmuel commander on Israel northern area  (not sign), Colonel Milbitzki Joseph commander of Agam/Makam, Colonel Greman Tzvi commander of Israel central area, Colonel Pastrak Moshe commander of armored divisions, Colonel Eitan Joseph commander of Israel southern area, Lieutenant Colonel Cohen Shmuel reserve forces, Lieutenant Colonel  Yrmia Dov reserve forces, Lieutenant Colonel Zeev Malin air force, Lieutenant Colonel  Avidan Shimon reserve forces, Colonel Wallach Itzak commander of communication units.. All the above information written on 2 sides page size 290mm x 210mm. There is Est. 50 other blank unused pages in the album (pages made out of very thick paper). The album have brown hard covers,missing string in 2 hole spine. Covers with wear, few first pages with some water stains. This is the only such album known to us to exist with such importance of the early days of the Israeli military high ranking officers signatures. 

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