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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #32

Late Arrivals and Collections
Lot number Symbol Description

JNF KKL (Jewish national Fund) - Collection of over 70 proofs, color trails and misperforate stamps errors. Most  MNH & VF.

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Start price 100,00 USD

JNF KKL (Jewish national Fund) - Collection of  29 different pins, hundreds of MNH labels and 35 booklet panes. MNH & VF.

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Start price 250,00 USD

Israel Stamp tab collection  1949 to 2003 -  3  Leuchtturm Hingless tabs Albums with MNH stamps. Many better items such as Sc# 17-22, (also tete beche with and without gutters), #15 and 27 with left and right tabs, # 24, 31-32 (also tete beche), #37,#25,#48-50,#237A (hunger tete beche sheet), J6-11. This collection is Est. 95% complete. Some of the earlier values with light wrinkles. 

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Start price 500,00 USD

Israel Collection of few hundreds FDCs, 1948 to 1971 (missing 7-9 & postage dues). 1948 to 1954 singles, 1955 to 1971 with tabs, Also included additional FDcs and event covers (est. 150),  est. 200 plate blocks 1960s-80s. plus 9 sheets from the 1950s. mix condition. F-VF.

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Start price 150,00 USD

Israel mint plate blocks collection in Minkus album - 1948 to 1970 including : Sc#1-6 MNH with few small L/Ws, #7 hinged, #8 MNH with 2 L/Ws, #9 MNH with small brownish stamp at upper margin corner, #10-14 plate blocks of 6 stamps each, all MNH each block with small spot tonning on margin. #10-14 plate blocks with horizontal gutters between (hinged set). #15,24,27,33-34,C1-6  w. few small light wrinkles on each, All others mostly MNH with some small light wrinkles. F-VF 95% complete collection

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Start price 750,00 USD

Israel 1948 to 2001 tab collection in 4 KaBe hingless albums - Start with Sc.#1-6 MNH #6 tiny point black album paper stuck on gum, #7 MNH with small spot light gum toning, #8 MNH with gum dist.,#9 MNH with toned spots, 1A-3B rouletted set (3 and 5mil each with small point toned, 10mil is VF. #16 Tabul s/s MNH, 10-14 MNH, #15 left & right tabs MNH with few light wrinkles on each, 10-14 horizontal pairs each with color type tab at right MNH, 10-14 pairs with horizontal gutters between, each with light wrinkles..#10,11,12 each with small points toning. #10-14 vertical pairs with gutters between each hinged on gutter only (#12 with few light wrinkles), #27 left & right tabs MNH right tab with few light wrinkles, # 28-30 MNH, # 24 MNH, #17-22 MNH, #33-34 MNH, #18-21 marginal set with gutters between and  sheet serial numbers, each sign by expert on margins MNH, #18-22 blocks of 8 stammps each with gutters between MNH, #31-32 hinged set, # 35-36 MNH, #23 & 37 MNH, #C1-6 MNH with few light wrinkles on each #C5 with pin point gum dist. at bottom margin, #31-32 horizontal pairs with gutters between MNH. #48-50 MNH #49 & 50 each with tiny point gum dist. #55 regummed, #J6-11 MNH with few light wrinkles, # 237A Hunger tete beche sheet MNH. Balance of the collection is MNH and mostly VF with Est. 99% complete.

Auction has finished.
Start price 1.500,00 USD


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