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Doron Waide Auction #32 July 16 2017 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #31 Item # 56

Lot#: 56
Palestine stamps E.E.F. & Mandate Stamps

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Palestine Stamp Collection  1918 to 1940s in 3 ring binder on specialized Sheffler/Weinstein specialized pages (hingless mounts) - Start with 1918 Blues Bale #1 mint never hinged (w/o gum as issued) and used, #2 mint never hinged w/o gum as issued pair with positions noted with pencil on back alongside expert signature, #3 and 4 with 3 different shades of each, mixture of mint and used, Typograph issue mint set with extra shades of the 1,2,3,5mil and 2pi. Typograph issue 8 stamps mint and used with rough perforations, Jerusalem I  x18 stamps (all values represented) mixture of 1st and 2nd setting, Jerusalem I 3mil mint pair with rough perforations, Jerusalem II x11 mint and used stamps, Narrow setting 2 mint stamps, Jerusalem III x8 used and 1 mint stamps, London I  10 different mint stamps (1mil to 10pi), London I  6 mint and used stamps with rough perforations, London II Plate A  x19 mint and used stamps with some extra shades, London II plate B x13 mint and used stamps, London II perf. 15x14  9,10,20pi mint stamps and5pi used, 5pi 25mm mint, 1mil 2mil 5mil and 13mil with Hebrew dalet variety, 10pi perf. 14x14 and 15x14 both used, Pictorial issue x13 different stamps mint and used transparent paper, Horizontal ribbed paper used 2mil,3mil, 5mil x2, 6mil, 7mil, 8mil, 15mil, plus additional 6mil and 15mils in pairs. White wove paper x24 stamps mint and used with extra shades, Coil stamps 5mil mint and used plus 10mil mint & 15mil used. 1925 Postage due mint set and 1928 used set plus 1mil mint perf. 14.75x14. Additional Jerusalem I  5mil 9 mint stamps each different type (types marked on page) plus 1pi 2nd setting all 12 types mint stamps. 14 Pictorials mint stamps each with margin with plate numbers from different positions (up or down). F-VF  Great collection for the Palestine specialist.

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