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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Auction # 29

Late Arrivals and Collections
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Collection - late 1800s to 1915 Palestine Forerunners. Est. 300 used stamps, 100 outgoing postcards & covers, few telegrams plus 15 incoming cards. Mix condition. Some covers & cards with blackish spots on top.

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Start price 700,00 USD

Collection - 4 binders with Palestine Stamps, est. 1000 mint & used. Mix condition with some small varieties included.

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Start price 250,00 USD

Collection - Israel 1948 Interim, 11 covers incl. Rishon Le Zion, Laasirenu, reg. express plus few Shapira forgeries for reference. F-VF

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Start price 200,00 USD

Collection - Israel postage dues postal history. Selection of  1st,2nd & 3rd issues on 34 local & incoming covers & cards, 19 incoming from abroad franked with defenitives used as dues. few outgoing with foreign dues. Also included few Palestine mandate local covers with 3rd dues. F-VF some covers with small blackish spots on top margins.

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Start price 600,00 USD

Collection of Touring Stamp shows exhibitions - 23 different illustrated covers : Holon 1956, Tel Aviv 1959 x2 different, Rishon le Zion 1953, Tel Aviv 1957,Afula 1955, Bnei Braq 1955, Tel aviv 1956 x 5 different, Hadar Ramatayim 1956, Qiryat Ono 1957, Jerusalem 1954, Bat Yam 1954 x2 different, Pardes Hanna 1954, Petah Tiqva 1952, Ramat gan 1952, Givataim 1958, Tel Aviv 1950 & Nathanya 1951. Few covers slight toned, otherwise VF lot.

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Start price 25,00 USD

Judaica Postcards collection mint, events etc..129 different, mostly from different countries. 40 cards issued between early 1900s to 1960s & 89 cards issued between 1960s to 2000. VF

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Start price 50,00 USD

Palestine postcardsCollection of 110 picture postcards issued between early 1900s to 1940s. 99% mint. Est.10 with small messages, mostly VF, around 15 cards with faults, less then 15 duplicates.

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Start price 40,00 USD

Israel collection - full sheets on 15 different 1st day covers: 22.12.1982 Martyrs x2 different types FDCs, 4.9.1984 oilive branch tete beche, 3.5.2005 end of WW2, 29.6.1993 see you again tete beche, 17.6.1995 Kites x2 different types FDCs, 18.2.1992 lake Kinerreth, 3.5.2000 wild life, 12.6.1990 folklore, 18.12.1996 Philharmonic Orchestra, 18.7.1989 ducks, 18.4.1993 Scientific concepts, 12.10.1989 Tevel x2 diff.types FDCs. VF CV $ 240.00 (one cover scanned for example)

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Start price 25,00 USD

Israel Collection of 30  1st & special flights illustrated covers (from & to Israel) 1950s-1980s, NO DUPLICATES. VF Excellent selection.

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Start price 25,00 USD

Judaica Holocaust - Interesting one page document typed in French dated 11.2.1943. Short translation  : Reichsfuherer SS SD Communication, Dijon 11.2.1943. The detachment of Lyonstransfer 12.2.1943  86 Jews. Escort of Chalon SS 8.03 Hours and arrived at the Paris railway station accompananiment Lyons at 8.20pm in the Escort 1 member of the detachment of Lyons. 1 member of the brigade of Chalon SS and 12 military policemen. Jews Fugitives - Luxemburg Aron nait (born) 15.1.1893 Lodz and Driller Siegfied (born) 10.9.1896 Vienne. Researchers could not find the Jewish fugitives. (This document need complete expert translation). Page size 295mm x 208mm. F-VF with 2 folds & some stains.

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Start price 400,00 USD


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