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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

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Judaica, Holocaust, Anti Semitic, Autographs & related material
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Judaica 1940s (Palestine Era) - collection of 10 different cigarette cards issued by the Masparo Company of Tel Aviv. Each card wirth Hebrew printed text on back described the front view. Cards showing: Opening of the Jewish agency in Palestine, The Russian Jewish organization in Berlin, Meeting of Hebrew writers in Kiryat Anavim (near Jerusalem), Funeral of Max Nardau, Jewish organization Chovevai Zion meeting,  Kfar Nachum synagogue, Tomb of Rabbi Bezalel in Prag, Rashi Synagogue,  Naftali Imbar who wrote Israel national anthem, Rabbi David Ophenhiemer. Each card with small traces of hinges on back. VF interesting lot.

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Judaica & Holocaust Mega lot - start with Austria ,April to June 1945  over 40 large documents of food distribution for residents or survivors of camps ?. Required research. 2) 4 display cards with Anti semitic c/o from German magazines or news papers. 3) India Synagogue stamps on 2 covers plus star of David on 3 mint covers. 4) 1920s-30s Zionist Congress - 3 covers & 2 postcards. 5) 1947 Agudat Israel 5 different leafs with Czechoslovakian stamps tied by the Organization dated cachet. 6) 1930 Brith Hzaar cachet on mailed cover. 7) Germany 1943 Der Schulungsbrief magazine nazi Party with Anti Semitic & Anti U.S articles. 8) Germany Der Ring1934 magazine (covers separated from spine). 9) Germany 1888 Antisemitische Correspondenz new paper. 10) Austria Anti Semitic booklet Der Weg des Juden. 11) Germany early 1940 Sieg im Westen large Nazi magazine with articles&  showing many pictures from the war (mix condition). 12) Rare exhibiton 26 large pages with Anti Semitic, Anti USA & England articles from German news papers & magazine. (must be a unique ehibit). 13) Book -Terezin the postal history of the concentration camps 1933 to 1945 written by Sam Simons Published 1973. 14) Book - The German opposition to Hitler by Lawrence Wilson, Published 1963. 15) Book - The artists of Terezin by Gerald Green Published 1978. 16) Book - Art of the Holocaust by Janet Blatter & Sybil Milton published 1981. (books are mostly in good condition with small faults).

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Judaica Holocaust - April 1945 Red Cross war organization England official form Request return information about Jews in Europe during WW2..Part of message " Joseph, Herbert & Siegfried Uhmann and Lisa katz who deported on August 15 1942 in convoy III no. 319,320,321& 322. This form sign on back by Red Cross official K. karslake. VFwith one mid. horizontal fold.

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